Data entry, image entry and web based data entry software by DMAC is powerful, fast, flexible, simple and extraordinarily well supported. 
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The Best Data Entry Solution On The Planet

Each year, in the United States alone, there are millions more forms filled out and in need of processing. Most of that forms processing is provided by specialized data entry service providers throughout the world. To remain competitive, service providers must stay current in the area of data capture solutions. Whether it's called data capture, or forms processing, DMAC is a world leader in the development of data entry and image entry (key from image) software.

Unibase by DMAC is a PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Security Standard compliant, powerful data entry and image entry program constantly being updated. DMAC works to keep Unibase by DMAC current with operating system changes, image technology changes, and industry changes. Correcting for Windows 7 as part of its branch caching changes dropping records on file updates while Windows 8 does not drop records is an example of operating system related updates. Running with higher pixel density screens in windows 10 is another example. Checking that the latest version of Unibase by DMAC runs on Windows Server 2008R2, Server 2012, Windows Server 2012R2 and on Windows Server 2016 is another example.

Unibase by DMAC is the most powerful data entry and image entry program available today. You can easily collect, key verify, re-format and output data the way you and your customer want it.

Unibase by DMAC works with industry standard hardware and operating systems. You can update system components quickly and safely whenever you like. If you move, your data entry and image entry software moves with you.

Unibase by DMAC is one of the most reliable data entry and image entry solutions ever developed. With proper backup systems, our customers experience years of smooth, uninterrupted operation.

Unibase by DMAC allows you to convert your existing applications. In many cases, DMAC's Near Perfect Conversion can move virtually your entire program library. Many companies' data capture program applications can be converted in a week or less saving money by moving their programming investments into modern computer systems.

Unibase by DMAC saves time and money on re-training. In many cases the data entry and image entry screens are nearly identical to those in your existing data capture software. Your staff can be productive in hours, not weeks.

Unibase by DMAC data capture solution development is ongoing. Updated versions with new features, enhancements and bug-fixes are released several times per year and are always backwards compatible.

Unibase Imaging image entry software offers the workhorse functionality of traditional data entry software. Built from the ground up for data capture, Unibase Imaging is dedicated to the needs of data entry service organizations. Unibase by DMAC includes a state of the art image entry program that can be activated with a simple phone call.  Unibase Imaging is also an excellent keying interface for OCR/ICR solutions.

Unibase Imaging offers production and speed advantages over other image entry packages. Workflow Queuing allows the supervisor to assign work to an individual operator by job name or by job function - data entry, verify or correct.  Other advanced features allow you to define zones within a larger image and display multiple zones simultaneously.  Fine print?  No problem.  You can set resolution on individual zones within an image.  Data entry operators can also zoom and pan an image on the screen.  Unibase Imaging even allows you to display a zone (portion of image) from a file other than the one being keyed.  Unibase by DMAC features a 31 character name/directory structure.  With up to 31 character file names, you can efficiently organize your customer jobs.

Unibase by DMAC has the best forms processing technical support in the business. Most questions are solved in minutes via phone, fax or e-mail. We provide dial-in support so that we can be "on-site" anywhere in the world on a moment's notice. More than 97% of problems not solved immediately, are solved within 3 working days.

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